The Random Thoughts Restore Program and Retreat

We welcome a gathering of warriors for a psychotherapy support group. Brave courageous advocates who had interpersonal conflicts such as Narcissistic abuse, betrayal, or divorce trauma . ”

What is the The Random Thoughts Restore Program and Retreat

Dr. Kristine Danback a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Divorce Coach and Expert Witness inviting you into a tribe of fellow warriors to process and cope with a narcissistic personality disordered or high conflict individual, a difficult divorce or betrayal trauma.

Dr. Kristine Danback could not continue to bear witness to the suffering and losses in high conflict relationships without expanding her work, therefore, she is utilizing her Ph.D, heart and spirituality to lead a psychotherapy process group to provide safety, knowledge and a place to heal. She will be supported by a talented co-coach who specializes in divorce, transitions, and well being. 

Program & Retreat Details

The program begins Oct 24, 2023 and we will meet online for 12 weeks for 90-120 minutes with the purpose of fueling and nourishing one another in a safe, empathetic environment. (Group time will be after 3:00pm and determined by the group).

What we'll discuss & learn

We will discuss the tragic, the difficult, the ludicrous, and even the comical and absurd in human experience and personality with those whom have caused us harm. We come together as a life team and a new family to process, contain and recover from interpersonal trauma. 

In addition to the group, you will have 4 individual healing sessions, and your recovery celebrated in-person on a recovery 3 night healing retreat this fall in New England (team building, yoga, honor session, massage, meditation and wonderful food)…which you deserve.

The Restore Program is built on:




Trauma leaves us disoriented and confused, therefore we need to process our feelings and develop new thoughts, and behaviors to get our footing. The second stage is reorganizing, transforming, altering, and making corrections in all aspects of your life that need improvement, and finally, psychological and spiritual change of your character, your purpose and living with intention.

What we believe

The Restore Healing Program will focus on sharing experience, making connections and building a community of warriors/survivors who “get it.” We will come together to give one another the proper nutrients and fuel to move out of the dark and into the light.  

Are you ready to trust the process and get to work?

Let’s do this!

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